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Yeah Yeah Yeah The Art of Listening

One of the most underused skills we have as humans is the art of listening. We may think we listen, to music on the way to work, to our boss' droned speech about company morale, or to our significant others when they're telling us the details of their days. But few of us are present or engaged enough to benefit from the experience.One of the most important forms of listening exists between you and your customers or clients.

If your clients are asking for a particular service, delivered on a particular day, and you're head-banging to Metallica in the office, completely oblivious to their third emailed entreaty, there may be a problem. Ad Word Analyzer is one way to listen up to what your clients want and more importantly, are searching for when they're on the web. It's a great little software program that analyzes each search term you might be listing in an advertisement, as part of a direct mailing, or in your Google Ad Words campaign. Choosing the wrong words can be deadly, so get this program and listen up.Another important listening arena is when you're talking on the phone. If you work at home, you may be tempted to skimp on telephones or accessories, assuming that no one will hold you to the same standards as other companies.

Wrong! Hello Direct makes some of the best phones and phone accessories in the world, so all of your conversations will be crystal clear. Listening to the needs of your customers as well as your employees just got a whole lot easier.And while we're on the subject of employees, it's not a crime to show them that you're not only listening to what they're bringing to your business, you appreciate it as well. Nothing says "I'm listening" quite like a gift basket.

Whether you're remembering someone's birthday or other special occasion, clicking the link below will get you one step closer to them actually listening to you once in awhile. Mom's love them, too?remember, the 14th is only 12 days away!.Once you've got your office (and your Mom) covered, and you're listening to your customers, your employees, and your phone calls with renewed enthusiasm, you'll need to bring that back home. If you have kids, or if your friends, neighbors or family members bring kids over to your house, it's important to use Content Watch. They can protect your computer from risqué content, and protect children from potential predators.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where this is a serious issue, so it's best to protect yourself, your family, and other kids you may know with this cutting-edge technology. It'll show that you're listening and willing to do the right thing where kids are concerned.And lastly, you wouldn't be listening to the people who had sacrificed their safety for the benefit of our country if you didn't check out Veterans Advantage.

Not only do they provide added benefits to people who have served in any branch of the military, their membership program helps out in hiring veterans, and providing them with the job training that may end up coming back to you in the form of a can-do attitude on the job. Not that you worked on your listening skills for just for that reason, but it couldn't hurt, right?.Copyright 2006 Find Your Prosperity.com.

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com In her 18-year career as an award-winning writer, she has published hundreds of articles in over 25 outlets, including Salon, AOL, MSN-NBC, BUST, New York Daily News, Bitch, The Sun, In These Times and more. She has received the Columbine Award for Screenwriting, the Roy W. Dean Filmmaking Grant, and a Writer's Digest Award.

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By: Alyson Mead

Gas Pipeline Safety

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