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When Howard Met Sirius

The tall, looming figure of Howard Stern is seen a lot these days.He seems to get more and more publicity from media platforms since making the move to Sirius Satellite Radio.Lets set aside the obvious, that Howard seems to be selling Sirius more than Sirius seems to be selling Howard and try to grasp why $500 million dollars is even offered to propagate his type message. Because of the money, for many this is seen as success in life.$100 million dollars a year for a message of entrapment disguised as freedom astounds me, but knowing people want that message doesn't.

The world has millions who continue feeding their bodies negative substances, so it shouldn't surprise us that numbers adding into the millions have an appetite for programs like Howard Stern.What I struggle understanding is how so many women continue to sell themselves short to even be a guest on these type programs. For that matter, it still puzzles me that women find value in being classified as any of the following:.Penthouse "PET".Playboy "BUNNY".

As "SPORT" for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.Perhaps it's the money, perhaps it's the validation, or maybe some will simply do anything for a few minutes of fame. It just seems so condescending toward the female gender to me.

Can I give you something to think about?.When it comes to success in life, there is a vast difference between popularity and influence. There is a vast difference between marking a life and leaving a mark.In your quest for life success, if you ever have to choose between being popular or having influence, go for influence. If you ever have to choose between marking a life or leaving a mark, go for marking a life.Programs like Howard Stern's and other shock-jocks leave a mark but they don't mark a life.

You elevate humanity when you mark a life. This is influence! This is life success!.Hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, mudslides, volcano eruptions all leave a mark. 9/11 left a mark! But all of these things negatively tear down and destroy. In contrast, marking a life elevates, builds up, positively influences others and makes the world a better place.There will come a time in his life evaluation that concerning himself with how much LEG-I-SEE is not as important to Howard as his own LEG-A-CY.

.Perhaps, then, he'll wish he had chosen influence over popularity.Would you consider something for me? The next time you see Howard Stern being given a platform in the media to promote his switch to Sirius, send a copy of this article out to five of your friends. He's trying to enlarge the popularity of his show and satellite radio, I'm trying to expand the influence of this article and the message of my website.Yes, I'm being SIRIUS (pun intended).

©Copyright 2006 advice-for-lifetime-relationships
by Stanley J. Leffew

.Stanley J. Leffew is the Author of, "How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime".

His website is based on this same theme. Find out for yourself why leading-with-the-body in life and relationships feeds desire but fails to satisfy the longing of the heart for love, companionship, oneness and intimacy by visiting http://advice-for-lifetime-relationships.com.

By: Stanley Leffew

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