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What Is The Value Of One Great Idea

What is the value of "one great idea" on personal development? Priceless in my opinion. When I really look back at the things which have helped me with success and happiness, it really comes down to a few key ideas and concepts that just "clicked" at one point in my life. The funny thing is that a life changing concept for me will often be practically ignored when shared with another. Everyone is unique as to what concepts are most needed in their life, and their readiness to receive it. Each of us needs to find those ideas which are going to take us to the next level in our own personal development. And I believe there always is a next level.

I don't mean to diminish the importance of basic values, this is foundational to personal growth and happiness, and I believe having some spiritual beliefs is important here. But the key thing is that all these techniques such as affirmations, hypnosis, inspirational stories, motivational speeches, etc. only go so far.

Real, substantial change only happens with a great idea which fundamentally changes the way you act and think. I don't just mean a "nice idea", rather one that just hits home with you, and helps you look at life differently or changes your behavior.

When I read a personal development book, I'm happy if I just get one great idea out of the entire book, this sadly isn't always the case.

Sometimes a great idea will hit me in the early part of a book, and I'll set the book aside until I can fully process the idea in my mind. Great books are this way, full of so many great ideas that reading too much in one sitting is a bad idea! But great ideas don't need to only come from books, they can come from so many sources, perhaps even a friend or co-worker.

How can we better leverage this concept in our lives? Keep a journal and write down special ideas as you come across them.

Just trust yourself if an idea seems like it hits home for you. If it doesn't feel right for you, just pass it by, even if it came from a super successful person. What's right for one person may not be right for you, we are all unique human beings, although it's wise to listen carefully to a successful person who you'd like to be like.

Take notes about how this idea might help you in your own life. Otherwise you risk forgetting about it if you aren't applying it regularly. My grandfather kept a little black book of ideas and quotes he wrote down, and when he passed away it meant a lot to me that I was able to have this and read the wisdoms he had collected during his long life as a minister.

I think one of the reasons people like quotations is because they sum up a great idea from a famous person in one or two sentences. Develop your own "life quotations" which express your personal great ideas and beliefs you wish to live your life by.

Own these personal quotes by writing them down, and live them by practicing them.

A belief is simply an idea which you have 100% certainty in, so the trick is converting an idea to a belief through successful application of the idea. If you're not sure an idea will work for you, just dive right in and give it a try, just thinking about it will usually get you nowhere!.

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Steve Moore operates Personal-Development.

Com and PositiveArticles.Com, two popular sources for self help information. .

By: Steve Moore -

Gas Pipeline Safety

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