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What Does It Mean To Be Spiritual

Spiritual derives from the word spirit, which originally meant breath, air or wind, a reality that can be felt but not seen but is vital to life (breath), has force (air) and can be experienced (wind).Spiritual people recognize and experience this non-sensory dimension of reality that encompasses, thought, emotion, dreams, memory, intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, psycho-kinesis and themselves!.Being a spiritual means experiencing that part of yourself that transcends the experience the senses!.It means being aware of your life and intelligence outside of your body and being able to communicate with others spiritually without the use of words or gestures!.It means allowing wisdom to guide every aspect of your mind, desires and emotions!.

It means you aren't fixated on over indulging your passions or appetites because you're more independent of your passions and appetites than others!.It means you aren't biased in your judgment of others.That your judgment is a correct reflection of those you judge!.It means you've developed beyond the need to force others to accept your view of the truth when others views clash with your own!.That you feel no need to convince them they're wrong or win the argument!.

You can drop it! Let it go! And still feel good about yourself because you're independent of the reactions of others!.It means you're flexible in your approach to problem solving and aren't fixated on only doing things your way!.That you're willing to do whatever it takes to resolve the problem and create the best possible solution for all involved!.It means you're loving and kind in you treatment of others!.Like raindrops, your kindness falls equally on the good, the bad and all!.It means your humor is good humor, healthy humor!.

That you laugh with others not at them and take no joy in making fun of them or making them feel small!.It means you aren't biased!.You don't take sides!.You see the whole picture!.

You see all sides!.That you always see the truth in yourself and others!.That you see through the facade to the heart of everyone involved!.

It means you're only concern with doing what's right, true and the wise thing to do!.Ultimately it means transcending time, personality and matter and experiencing immortality right here, right now!.Copyright 2006 El-Veasey Publishing Inc.


VC L. Veasey has a degree in Counseling Psychology, Certification As a Substance Abuse Counselor and Five Years Of Clinical Experience.Email: vclveasey At yahoo.com.Site http://www.blackmerda.


By: Vc Veasey

Gas Pipeline Safety

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