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Truly Live Each Day Avoid Going Through Days on AutoPilot

You wake up and begin the same routine you do every morning. Do you have a routine that you go through every morning when you wake up? Perhaps the routine helps you to wake up. Routines have an important role in our life, but is the whole day being spent on auto-pilot, just going through the motions to get things done?.We have to live life, instead of just letting life happen to us.

In order, to truly live each day we have to take part in the day. Get the most you can out of each part of the day. Apply yourself, alert your senses and experience the day. When we get involved in enjoying each day then we apply the information we learned from previous days to make this day better than the day before.

Information that is used productively creates a transformation in our lives and in the lives of the people that we touch.Have you ever known a constant complainer, or person who just never seems to be happy? This person is most likely working on auto-pilot. Somewhere in their life, their complaints or inability to express happiness may have provided them some form of gratification. The constant complainer may not even seek gratification this may simply be their auto-pilot mode. In this mode, they are better able to predict how people will respond to them.

The outcome they get from complaining is not always as important as the predictability of what they will get when they complain. See, auto-pilot is not always positive, it just is natural.We are naturally programmed to work on auto-pilot.

This natural channel in is predictable it protects us when we are experiencing stress, or when life is more than we can handle. The challenge we face is to look at what our auto-pilot mode is, and to determine when we turn it on and why? Auto-pilot has a comfort level for us mentally and emotionally, but when we allow it to be the way we experience the majority of our days then there is a problem. Choose to actively re-program how to approach each day with a positive outlook so that you can grow and can begin to take the first step in truly living each day.

Transform yourself today, spend an hour or more a day living the day disengage your auto-pilot and engage your brain.

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achievingcorporateexcellence.com Email: acespeaks@acespeaks.com (Certified Speaking Professional CSP, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW).

By: Cynthia Krosky

Gas Pipeline Safety

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