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Tropical Storm Alberto Floods Florida

Tropical Storm Alberto floods Florida with some areas having as much as 25 inches of rain. Apparently the Great Sand Bar State is being flooded and eroded by the very first named Tropical Storm of during the official 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season.Although Tropical Storm Alberto is not the most organized Tropical Storm we have seen in recent years it sure took a liking to the Grand Cayman Islands dumping more than 30 inches of rain and flooding out much of the region.Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida is a little concerned as are the folks at FEMA, due to the recent wild brush fires there with less vegetation to collect and hold back the water. 25 inches of rain is a lot of water and Tropical Storm Alberto is moving a lot of precipitation.

On one hand the Everglades and many areas of Florida certainly need the rain, they do not need that much in that short amount of time period. A super soggy Florida this early in the Season can also be problematic for the states ability to handle future storms and the severe and fast run-off of this nature can cause very bad flooding and potentially loss of life and property too. Consider all this in 2006.

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