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Tolerance Realization

Tolerance is one of the virtues that can uphold peace in any place. Through one's tolerance, many will benefit to upkeep a peaceful place. We must all learn to give way. Many masters have taught in their time that hate can never solve the problems of hatred. By love alone, hatred will be conquered.

A person who is in the process of cultivating the mind and the Way must first learn to tolerate things that may not seem right in his eyes. With patience to conquer and master tolerance, one will be qualified to show others the Way. If one is not able to conquer tolerance then he is unable to show others the right way with the right attitude and his cultivation cannot be successful.How can one tolerate if one sees red like a volcanic eruption? Many people have questions with regard to tolerance.

People often wonder that if a mountain may be moved with time why can't the character of man especially leaders who are in the wrong and refused to change. Cultivation of the Way is not an easy thing. One must be able to tolerate as there are many hurdles ahead in the process of cultivation.If man can see that all things are illusions, then the mind will be calm and pure. Since all these are illusions and void, then only peace should be seen. For when man is totally in the stage of emptiness, nothing in this world will really matter.

If he were to realize that things are all impermanent, then it is not worth thinking too much of them. Man should then concentrate on cultivation of the Way which will enlighten him with Truth and wisdom. Those who realize the Truth will continue to cultivate until they have ended the cycle of reincarnation and returned to the ultimate and eternal peace in Heaven.We have to tolerate all unpleasant things and love all with the right compassion. Be diligent in the search, be ready to seek and let the Truth guide on.

In today's society, many have claimed to be cultivating the Way, thinking that they will be much to gain but along the journey, there are thousands of demons and millions spiritual tests. Only the one who is fit and strong may survive these tests but the weak may go through if he is persistent or fail. It is Heaven's advice that not only the Heavenly Beings wish to get into man's heart, the evils are also making their attempts. In all events, one must continue to strive for the right course and strive hard in order to find the path. Only by hard work will fruits be borne.

As one searches one may fall back and all will be wasted. With tolerance one's knowledge and wisdom will be widened and deepened. Cultivation may be in two parts. Firstly, attaining a stage of stillness, thereby the mind will be calm. When the mind is calm and pure, it will be at its best stage whereby realization is at its peak. By realizing the Truth, one will know the Path.

Secondly, cultivation lies in the daily actions. We need not have to renounce but live as a layperson and practise with diligence and in the right manner. Practise it with virtues and pure mind.

All sorts of teaching and saying can be found in books. If man depends everything just on books, then his knowledge will be limited to whatever is written. He must make use of the teaching in words and combine them with his own realization. Books are but words and all words are but impermanent things.

In one's lifetime, one may not realize the Truth in the books and in the next life, one begins from the beginning again. It is not in books that man finds the Way. It is through realization that brings about the Path.

Realization of the true-self, realization of Truth and realization of the Way; all these we must aim to achieve.Do not wonder at the achievement of others but set the right goal to achieve. Nobody can eat or drink for us nor can they attain for us. If we do not aim to attain, no man can force us. The Way to the final destination may be shown, but we must do the hard work ourselves.

Step by step, firmly as we go, sway not to either side but take the middle path for good. As the world is like a great burning furnace, at anytime, things will all be gulfed up. The fire is burning and will continue to do so until all things become ashes. Therefore, before we are burnt, hurry and take up the task and be on the way.

Be merciful and do not only help yourself but others as well. Tolerate all unkind things and do not merely thank the above for wishes granted and curse Him for things not granted.Author: T.A Chew.


A Chew realized that Heaven can only point and show us the way. Tolerance is very important as we often meet unfavorable situations as we get along life. Perseverance, tolerance and then realization of the Truth will take us back home. Website: http://www.white-sun.


By: Teow Aun Chew

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