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The United States Military Needs a Demo In The Caribbean

As Fidel Castro of Cuba and the President of Venezuela are working to find ways to disrupt the United States of America and attack them in the World of Mass Media public opinion. In fact they are recruiting assistance from several countries and nation states in Central and South America in a club of anti-American hatred.Their level of rhetoric is growing and they need a demo of superior military force, such as massive borderline airspace supersonic flights to remind them that we are not going to be pushed. You see, these nations need to know talk is one thing, but planning to disrupt America is off limits.

Sending in foreign national insurgents into the United States of America pretending to be illegal aliens is not going to fly here and they need to know if you push the United States of America, well, then she will push back. The world does not need any more Dictators or aggressors in this Hemisphere and we certainly do not need Fidel Castro to pass the torch to his offspring, without turning the nation into a Democracy as he dies.If this group of anti-American and unethical nations think they can gang up on the United states of America then it is time for a major demonstration and let this side of the World know what the other side of the World is learning. Do not screw with the United States of America.

If Cuba is hit with a huge Hurricane this year, who will it be that is immediately asked for aid and assistance? Hmm?.And if we don't assist we will be called Ugly Americans, while our detractors continue to trash on our nation in the World Media. We should not take a back seat in this Hemisphere and those who oppose us and use the World Media to slander all we are and all we have built in this great nation. I say to those countries, have a little integrity, you are a disgrace to your family names. Consider that this year.


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By: Lance Winslow

Gas Pipeline Safety

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