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The International Terrorists and the Nation States that Sponsor Them Believe They Can Win

It is truly amazing that the International Terrorists believe they can beat the United States Military and defeat our great nation. In fact it is incredibly ridiculous to think such a notion is so. It just proves that the International Terrorists do not understand the will and strength of the American People.

You see in the United States of America, we have more brainpower in this nation tracking down rogue elements than any nation in the World. The problem is that the International Terrorists have never seen us turn on our 100% efforts and we are about too. Additionally one should be advised that any nation, which sponsors international terrorism will see regime change in this decade.Do not think for one minute that a nation which reserves the right to arm bears will not send out a few hornets to wipe out these little annoying flies of humanity from the planet. Using the Elephant and the Fly story where the USA is the Elephant and the flies are the International Terrorists, because in the end the US will wipe all these little flies from said planet.

Boy these rogue nations and the International Terrorists must be thinking that we are bunch of knuckle-heads over hear? I don't think so. Perhaps they need to meet some real Americans up close and personal who are just waiting for a chance to storm into an international terrorist cell and rip the living guts out of the enemy, in a nice way of course. Do consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Gas Pipeline Safety

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