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Telepathic Communication with a Soul Partner

Regarding the dream about a friend you lived with. My understanding is you do not know this person; this is a memory, which feels very real now.What I would say is that the Self which lives within the body, is an eternal continuum of life itself.

It continues eternally, taking on and shedding bodies as it chooses to do.Therefore, you may have lived with this person in a past life and they are your soul mate. That fact you are able to think about them now means that they are probably also thinking about you.

This is how telepathy works; on a soul level you feel their presence around you. They may be visiting you in an out-of-body experience or astral travelling to make the connection to be with you.What I would suggest is to cherish the idea that you can be together now in physical form. What I would suggest is that you start to use your feelings for this person as a way of communicating.Next time you think of them, quietly in your heart with your feelings, send them a message asking where they are or ask them to show you a sign of the area where they live.

You can also send them details of your area, where you live, in the same way. You can also send the message that you would like to meet face to face.It could be that this person already lives in your town and is just too shy to come over and talk to you. It may be that you are noticing their thoughts telepathically as they think about you. Please give them permission to come and stand in front of you and talk to you face to face.It is all happening in the now: there is no such thing as past lives, as these are also happening in the now moment.

I feel as if you are having such a vivid connection to this person now that they are also alive now and it is possible through the Oneness energy to bring about a synchrony, where you find yourself in the right place at the right time for the physical meeting to take place.Use your dreams, imagination and powers of visualization to bring this about. If your soul mate is out there, I am certain your paths are meant to cross and when the time is right you will meet.

.Message channelled by George Lockett (C) Copyright 2006, All Rights Reserved. * New book * "A Journey into the Self -- the multi-dimensional nature of being human": HealerGeorge Web Site and New Book Description: What is this book going to do for YOU? For those who are seeking a complete energetic makeover, as you read it you will feel a stirring and awakening in the depths of your heart. For those who have questions about Shifts in Consciousness, Energy Balancing and Healing within the body, you will find clear answers.

Read HealerGeorge's Blog: Curezone Blog or ask at question at: Ask HealerGeorge.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=George_Lockett.


By: George Lockett

Gas Pipeline Safety

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