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Teen Girls Out of Control

Fifteen-year-old Rhonda sleeps with men for pleasure, and says she once made $400 in a steamy one night stand. Donna Lynn, 17, a veteran of the streets, has been trading sex in exchange for money since the age of 12. Nicole, 15, has a 16-month -old son and at last count had 68 sexual partners. Amy, 17, is a topless dancer who lives for sex and the thrill of orgasms.The above quartet was prominently featured on a popular talk show that shall remain anonymous. As a rule I try to steer clear of talk shows, but this segment titled "Teen Girls Out of Control" intrigued me to the point where I felt compelled to watch.

At 12 noon Eastern Standard Time, I sat down to what I thought would be another rehashing of teenage girls talking non-stop about their promiscuity and unbridled lust. Surprisingly, the show was a winsome narrative on easy virtues and loose morals.At the onset, two teens identified as sisters sat on the stage.

Looking at them I didn't think they fit the stereotypical teen vixen. In fact, one girl, April was dressed in a conservative white suit, either this was the wrong show or someone switched segments. I later learned the women were Rhonda's sisters, and their reason for being on the show was to help their younger sibling rectify her wild and wicked ways.One of the sisters, Marilyn, told the audience that Rhonda likes to trick men and is heavily influenced by her best friend Donna Lynn. After hearing more about the teens, the host of the show then asked the audience if they were ready to meet Rhonda and Donna Lynn.

They indicated yes by clapping wildly. Five seconds later, out they came.Dressed in short tops and daisy dukes they strutted onto the stage.

One of the girls whom the audience would come to know as Rhonda felt so good, she put on her own private show. Turning her back to the audience, she patted her rear end and told everyone to "kiss what I twist." The audience responded with gasps, laughter and head shaking.The girls then proceeded to dish their business, by divulging that they've been given as much as $400 for sex.

When asked why she sleeps around, Rhonda, looking older than her 15 years replied, "It ain't all about that," she said laughing. "We wanna go out and chill. We can't go out hiking on a bus. I need somebody with a ride.

I ain't paying no bus fare." The host then asked, "So you trade sex for bus fare?" The question sent the audience into hysterics and left Rhonda looking like an idiot, as she tried to explain why she does anything for sex. "This is my body, and if I wanna trade sex for bus fare, cab fare, or whatever fare I choose, what business is that of yours?" Yeah, that's telling them Rhonda, use those brains girl friend.

Rhonda's partner in promiscuity, Donna Lynn, was a trip unto herself. In reference to the phrase "hoochie," from head to toe, Baby Cakes was it. With her tapered bangs and long braids embedded with flowers, Donna Lynn in her tawdry home girl persona cautioned the audience, "That's why I came out here dressed like this, cause you all act like yall don't do nothing wrong." An unsuccessful attempt to make the audience the issue instead of herself. Rhonda then told the host how she blackmails married men. "I tell em either I go to your house and break up your happy home and tell your wife.

Or you come over here and give me my ends (a slang for money).Watching her, I silently inquired why any man would risk losing his wife and family to be with a 15-year-old whose claim to fame is that she is a teen in heat, taking on all comers. Within seconds the conversation turned raunchy when Rhonda hissed, "Yeah I use men. They'd use me. While they're lying under me, they've probably been lying under somebody else's "sloppy cake," a hip hop reference to the female genitalia. Looking at the two of them grinning like a Cheshire cat and pushing out their lips, I felt like I was watching a circus.

Although Rhonda and Donna Lyn characterize themselves as sexy and alluring; according to the audience they were anything but. Moreover, they further embarrassed themselves when they repeatedly said they were paid $400 for sex. At the mention of $400, the audience wanted to know why they didn't look better than they did. A man in the audience got the ball rolling when he chimed "These guys that gave you all $400 must be homeless." To which the host replied, "If they were homeless they couldn't afford $400." Next up, another man, who appeared more street savvy than the first.

Standing up he looked at Rhonda, then Donna Lynn and said "You all get $400 a night and can't come out here looking no better than a hot mess?" The remark drew a chorus of snickers from the audience, many of whom stood up and applauded. Visibly embarrassed, Donna Lynn came out swinging. Calling her detractor a few choice words, she told the man, "Baby, I'll take care of you after the show," as she clinched both fists.

Leaving the circus, the audience turned their attention to the next exhibit. Sitting in a chair, flanked by her older sister, Nicole, 15, told the audience she has been with 68 men, and that she had her first sexual encounter at 13, in the backyard of her home as her mother slept.Nicole was then asked why she made the statement that sex was a hobby for her. The dark haired girl casually remarked, "Because when I get bored I go outside or call somebody up and take care of my business." The mother of a 16-month-old son, Nicole struck a nerve when she said she didn't know who the father of her baby was.

When asked by the host if she wanted to know the man's identity, she said yes and followed up that statement up with," but they want give blood tests." Curious to know what number "they" consisted of, Nicole said three men could have fathered her son.The last guest whose aunt was trying desperately to get her to change was Amy. A bottled blond with black roots, the teen stunned the audience when she admitted that she had her first sexual encounter at ten. She raised more eyebrows when she noted that she was 8 when she took her first drink. Like Nicole, Amy also has a son, a 3-year-old.

And with no education and no plans for the future, Amy's life is a revolving door of parties, alcohol and assorted sexual partners. Amy's had so many men, according to her aunt, she's lost count.When confronted about AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, none of the girls gave it a second thought. In fact they found it downright amusing, especially Donna Lynn, who waved her hands in the air and cooed, "No baby, before they get with me they have to put on a condom.

" Logical reasoning for the average teen, one would conclude, but when you're having sex with dozens of men, a condom is hardly a preventive against VD, heroes and syphilis.Although the girls lack of respect for their bodies and themselves troubled the audience, figures from the Allan Guttamacher Institute, says such reaction is not unexpected, since girls under 14 are having sex more frequently than in the past. As the show ended, I can imagine Amy, Nicole, Rhonda and Donna Lynn's surprise when they reach 21 and their bodies are worn out, or worse yet, ravaged by AIDS.

What will they do then? Why young ladies do you wear promiscuity and bad judgment as badges of honor? How's that for a dose of reality?.

.Peggy Butler is a freelance writer based in Florida. She has written for various magazines andInternet publications including Africana.com, TimBook Tu, and Emerging Minds.Moreover, Butler who lists collecting 60s memorabilia among her hobbies, writes news, features, sports and entertainment articles, as well as commentaries and humor pieces.

Visit her webite at http://www.Psbwrite.com.

By: Peggy Butler

Gas Pipeline Safety

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