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Sure Signs that Tell You He is Interested in You

My good friend Beth called me the other day and said she has been dating this guy for several months and has no idea if he is interested in her. They will have a good time on a date and then he will not call her for a week. When he finally does call, he appears really sincere about why he didn't call, but then they go out again and the cycle starts all over.

She complained, the.She asked how I knew that my fiancé Todd, was truly interested in me for a meaningful relationship. This made me think and ask myself .What are Sure Signs that Tell You He Is Interested in You?.In the beginning -- how did I know? Then I realized it was easy.

Usually, after I went out on a date an inner dialogue would begin."Should I call him, or should I wait until he calls me. He called me last time, so I should call him this time, but what if he doesn't answer and I leave a message and he doesn't call back" and on and on.You may be familiar with this inner dialogue you have with yourself after a date, to balance showing interest with minimizing rejection.With Todd after our first date, this dialogue never really happened. We had a great time together and both wanted to see each other again.

I was not worried that if I called him too soon it would ruin everything or if I left a message he would not return it. Shortly after we started dating he began talking about things "We" could do together in the future and it just felt right. It was obvious, we both wanted our relationship to move forward. This comfort, security and looking into the future are all sure signs that tell you he is interested in you.It is important to understand in the very beginning a guy may wait to call because he believes that is what he is suppose to do because of their own inner dialogue. After a first date and maybe even after a second give the guy a break.

If he does not call right away relax and be patient. Guys fear rejection just as much as you.However, when you continually feel like he is avoiding your phone calls, not getting back to you and you are always wondering the next time you will hear from him and progress in the relationship is at a stand still, then move on. When there is real interest it will not be this difficult.In the spirit of "Sex and the City" and Miranda who once had to face the bitter truth that her love prospect was not interested, I told Beth she should stop wasting her time because there is someone out there who will be interested, and when she finds him she will not be asking me what are the sure signs to tell you he is interested in you.

She will know.

.------------------------------------ Bonnie Schein is a relationship expert for The Online Dating and Matchmaking Site ConnectionClub.com.

Visit the Online Dating Service, ConnectionClub.com and Find Someone who is really interested in you. .This article can be reproduced for free, but all links must stay the same.

------------------------------------ .

By: Bonnie Schein

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