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Subtract Mexican Aid by the Amount Illegal Aliens Send Back Home

Some believe there are many as 24 million illegal aliens and illegal immigrants from Mexico in the United States of America who have come over the U.S. Mexican border. If this number is true then we have a real problem, but even other estimates put the number of illegal aliens at 12 million plus 6 million overstayed visas.Every three months over $15 billion is sent home to Mexico from the illegal aliens who come here to work.

We need to put a tax on this money in the way of fees and charged $20 for every two hundred dollars sent back to Mexico and that money can go for paying the prisons who are overpopulated with Mexican illegal aliens and some of the hospitals which are performing pregnancy procedures for illegal alien anchor babies.Additionally I propose that we subtract the amount of money that is sent back to Mexico from the amount of money that the United States of America gives Mexico in foreign aid. This only makes sense and we should start this program next week.It appears we're been robbed blind and it is costing the taxpayers of the United States of America billions of dollars and we can no longer afford this considering our current budget deficit. It is important to be friends with your neighbors, but when your neighbors are screwing you over all of a sudden it doesn't make so much sense to be bending over and allowing your friends to screw you. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Gas Pipeline Safety

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