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Speed Dating Tips What Do We Talk About

Thinking about trying this new speed dating craze? It's a fast, surprisingly fun way to meet other single people. While you might not find a match the first time out, the more often you attend, the better your chances of finding someone who is worth getting to know. And if nothing else, it's a great venue to practice flirting with minimal risk.The time allotted for getting to know each date varies depending on the group sponsoring the speed dating.

Hurry Date offers just three minutes, while 8 Minute Dating obviously allows 8 minutes, and there are more variations as well. With such a short amount of time, what should you talk about?.Let's talk strategy first.

With just minutes to connect with a prospective date, what's the best way to spend that time? To make a good impression, create a fun and comfortable exchange. Ask questions that will help determine if the two of you can carry a conversation. No matter how curious you are to discover if your speed date meets your "datable criteria," save those interview questions for later.

If you don't manage to enjoy the time, you'll never get a chance to find out anything else.Start off with a smile. People often decide if they like you or not within the first 15 seconds, so do your best to appear confident and look like you are having a good time.

When you smile, you put the other person at ease. That's always a good strategy for getting to know someone.What topics are good for these "mini-dates?" Here's a list of conversation starters to get the ball rolling easily.

These are opened ended questions that require a person to provide real information. Avoid yes/no questions which tend to create dead ends. And, don't forget that if you use these questions, be prepared with your own answers in case the tables are turned and you get asked the same thing!.

  • Tell me about your favorite vacation? What made it so good?
  • If you had a day off next week and plenty of cash, what would you do?
  • What makes you smile?
  • What's your favorite kind of food?
  • If you could drive any car which one would you choose?
  • What's your favorite holiday memory?
  • If you were an animal, what would you be?
  • If you could try any job for one day ? what would you choose?
  • What do you do to relax?
  • What's your favorite movie and why?
  • Would you rather spend a day in the woods or at the beach? Why?
  • Tell me about a sporting event you'll never forget.After your date responds, say something to acknowledge him/her. You may even share your own perspective on the topic or say what you liked about the answer.

    Don't worry about interpreting anything during the conversation itself. Just make a mental note if you had fun with the person and leave the rest for later.The most important thing about speed dating events is to relax and enjoy meeting new people. Acquiring the skill for easy chit chat will serve you well in the long run.

    Even if a speed dating event produces no matches, you still practiced flirting and talking to the opposite sex. You never know when you'll meet "the one" or who will introduce you to the right person, so get out there soon!.

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    By: Ronnie Ann Ryan

    Gas Pipeline Safety

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