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Silver Spoons and Slavery Reality Check in the Present Period

So often anti-establishment and anti-globalists will call into question the dominance of what they call the global elite bloodlines. Indeed this is unfortunate because as we look around we only need to thank the entrepreneurial capitalists for all we are and all we have built in this great civilization of ours. Indeed these global elite family names are well known and they are strewn throughout my personal ancestry, does that make me a bad guy? Hmm? Recently I was attacked by an anti-globalist complainer, who had never done anything in their lives, only complained, yet was so willing to attack me? Why? In fact he stated;."Lance, I almost wanted to cry over your spilt milk.What's the matter did you almost trip over your silver spoon?".

Dear Sir, this is an empty comment, personally the silver spoon was not the way I grew up and it appears I didn't need it anyway. Why is that? Is it merely because I tried harder, worked harder, observed better? Now I see people condemning me for winning, without assistance from another or family. The inner will and genetic drivers may have a lot more to do with this than any sort of conspiracy, which exists only in your mind and the mindsets of other wannabe loser anti-globalists who just don't get the bigger picture.

Great civilizations do not build them selves, you cannot get to Utopia by merely wishing for it? Yet our anti-everything continues his attacks and states;."You see it's not that we the people covet what you have it's that we desire to be free and to be on a level playing field. When all the rules benefit the master and never the slave is this fair.".Interesting comment, as I know of no slaves in the United States; the term "slave" does not exist here. If you are referring to "Choice" which often allows people to economically enslave them selves that is choice not slavery.

It is trading for the here and now at the potential expense of the future and that is a risk, which is also a choice. Those who are; anti-globalist, anti-establishment and anti-Bloodline elite family; are simply missing the bigger picture and ought to stop and look around and perhaps just say thank you for what has been built. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

Gas Pipeline Safety

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