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Signs a Guy is with you for your Body

Your mother and father have probably been warning you about the "bad guy" as far back as you can remember. Well, chances are likely that you'll encounter more than a few while in high school. Every school has at least a few male pigs whose only goal in life is to hook up and get laid.

These guys will come at you in completely different ways. Some will be obvious players, while others will masquerade under a sweet and innocent pretense. This is how you can identify them.

1) When the two of you are alone.

he spends more time touching than talking.

2) He doesn't respect your sexual limits and dating rules. He always keeps trying after you say stop.

and he never cares too much if you get upset.

3) He brags to his friends about what the two of you have done (or haven't done).

4) He becomes an octopus the second the two of you touch lips. If all he's trying to do is cop feels, get into your pants, or go up your shirt, you're dealing with a guy who's more interested in your body than your mind.

5) He never wants to go on dates with you. He prefers to come over to your house and "hang out".

6) He avoids places or situations where other girls might see him with you.

7) He's never taken the time to really get to know you.

8) He has a reputation for being a player. If you're considering getting involved with a guy who has a habit of using girls, you need to stop and think why he would treat you any different. Because you're not like all the other girls? Please.that's just what all the other girls thought, too.

9) He takes off right after sex.

Does he make a habit of running out the door the second he gets laid? Does he never want to sit around and talk? If so.he's only after your body.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com.


Todd Peterson is the editor of the popular teen community HighWorld.com To read other romance articles written by Todd, visit: www.highworld.

com/romance/index.php. .

By: Todd Peterson, Editor of HighWorld.com

Gas Pipeline Safety

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