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Self Care Taking Care of Yourself to Increase Reserves of Time Money Energy Love

Take care of yourself daily. It's like putting money in the bank so that you have a reserve of time, energy and love.Let's take a look at the areas where you will create self care for the next 30 days.STRESS.

First you need to reduce your stress because stress is one of the biggest energy drains we have. Let me give you some action steps to reduce your stress.1. List 10 things that you have committed to that are not essential. Now, go back to the person and respectfully decline doing those 10 things.

This can include baking cookies for your child's class, filling in for a co-worker, or loaning money to a family member. As Oprah says, learn to say no to many things so that you may say yes to what really matters.2.

If your job is causing chronic stress then create a way to retrain, change jobs or transfer jobs within the company.3. Learn relaxation or meditation.

You can go to the library and check out a couple books from this area. Herbert Benson wrote the book The Relaxation Response. You can also purchase relaxation tapes. Bellruth Naperstek has a great series.ENVIRONMENT AND FAMILY.

We are a product of our environment and our family. Take the following survey to see if your environment is peaceful or stressful. Check each item that is true.__I live in a nurturing home environment.__My computer is backed up weekly.__My pets add energy to my life.

__My partner adds energy to my life.__My children add energy to my life.__There is no clutter/mess in my home.

__Everything is fully organized in my office or home.__I'm aware of my physical environment and draw energy from it.__If something goes wrong, I learn from it and move on.__If I don't like something, I fix it or let go of it, now.PLEASURE.

List ten things that give you pleasure. You can include intellectual, spiritual, relationships, entertainment and physical pleasures. Now, commit to doing these things this month!.HEALTH AND EMOTIONAL BALANCE.Make sure you've had a physical for the year. Commit to exercising at least 3 times a week.

Are you eating healthy foods? How's your posture? Are you using any addictive substances? If so eliminate those.SUPPORT/EXPERTS.Are you working with a Personal Coach to move toward your goals? If not, what is holding you back? Do you need to develop a team of experts in several fields such as an accountant, physician, chiropractor, personal trainer? Do you have a friend or loved one who is unconditionally positive with you? List your support system and experts. Is anyone missing? List the steps you'll take to gain support.INGESTION - OPEN MOUTH INSERT EXTREME SELF CARE.Check all that apply.

__I drink at least 8 glasses of pure water daily.__I take my vitamins daily. __I do not smoke.__I rarely or never use alcohol or drugs.__I use sugar only in very small amounts.__I treat my body as the temple that it is.

APPEARANCE.Review the following questions and take action to change what needs changing. Is your hair exactly the way you want it? Do you look attractive and well groomed? Is your body in good shape, do you have energy? Are your teeth cleaned regularly? Do you take good care of your skin including sunscreen daily?.The steps listed above can seem overwhelming. So, you have my permission not to be perfect.

Choose 3 of the items and focus on those items this week. Then choose 3 more the following week and so on. Each step builds momentum. Enjoy the process!! This is not another "to do" list. You are starting to build a life of your dreams by learning to take care of yourself. Be gentle and have fun!.

.Dr. Iris Fanning is a Nationally recognized Success Coach.

Dr. Fanning is a graduate of Coach University, Honorary Doctorate in Divinity, M.A. degree in Psychology, Counseling & Guidance and a B.S. degree in Psychology.

Additionally Iris is the self published author of "Change Your Life Right Now" c 2006 and "Do What You Love & Get Rich" c 2006. Dr. Fanning is also an in demand public speaker.

Individual and group coaching is also available. Contact: coachiris@hotmail.com Please place Coaching in the subject line.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dr._Iris_Fanning.


By: Dr. Iris Fanning

Gas Pipeline Safety

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