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Scrutinizing the Pessimistic Mind

The sort of mind inside a Pessimist's head is somewhat different from that of other people's point of view. It is also not hereditary but it is developed through a series of misfortunes in a person's life. The environment he has including the influence of friends, family and people around him that helped mold his character to become a pessimist. It can develop in the latter years of a person's life if in case adversity dwelled upon him just recently.What is going on inside the mind of a pessimist? Of course by this point, you'll be thinking, negative impressions on everything around him, bad thoughts that could happen, or just simply the outlook to get the least hopeful vision of things.I am a believer of destiny and I once shared my thoughts to a friend who is a crystal-clear pessimist, she told me things like "there is no such thing as destiny", asking me questions like, "Are you even waiting for your soul mate? That is never going to happen no matter how many lifetimes you live through".

From these kinds of answers you could see the phrases: "no such thing" and "never going to happen". NO and NEVER is a powerful word. Thus making these words convey the NEGATIVE thoughts in my friend's mind. For everything I told her, she always has a contrasting idea next to mine, making it impossible for positive conclusions. You would always notice that a pessimist would always have contrasting ideas, negative thoughts, bad comments on really good things, etc.

You might even think or wonder if they are just bitter persons. But normally, they are just like that. As for my friend I would have to live with that.Do you know anyone who is a pessimist? Have you ever been in a situation wherein you were sharing all the good things that you are planning in the future and then the pessimistic friend always is in contrast with your ideas, telling you that this might not be good for you and telling you a lot of "what if's"? It's really annoying isn't it? Some pessimists would burst your bubble because of their negative vibe over something which is absolutely always a negative one. Do they even make sense of what advice they could give you? Well, YES! Sometimes thinking of conversing with pessimistic people is a nuisance, but when you really go over everything that you have been talking about, they do make sense in some ways. Like when the topic is all about business and let's say you wanted to open a unique one, sometimes the viewpoints of a pessimistic person would help you realize that it may not work especially when you do not have enough money to subsidize the business you have in mind.

Some people would enlighten you that this business would be good and the like, saying all the positive outlooks they have for it, but sometimes it is also helpful to look at things in the harmful side too.A lot of articles I've read say that people should avoid Pessimistic points of view especially for those who are depressed or has a behavioral disorder. It also said that a pessimistic mind would give them additional burden and would give them an added negative outlook in life, thus worsening the confusion inside their heads. For this one I agree. Depressed people need not more negativity to damage their already wrecked thoughts.

Going back to examining a pessimist's mind, has it ever occurred to you that once in your life you also became a pessimist in some situations wherein you were not able to control it? You're human! Then it must have happened to you one way or another! Particularly in dead-end situations wherein your pessimistic mind prevails over the optimistic person you are! Being a pessimist has a positive outcome too, it's not at all that bad to have known someone who is like that. Little did we know that inside our heads, there is also a pessimist's point of vi.


By: Lanie Pambid

Gas Pipeline Safety

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