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Relationships When It Deteriorates Beyond Repair

Every relationship involves two people. Both try to wok on the relationship to make it a success. They do things for each other and try to make each other happy. In some relationships, they may not have married, but except the formal certificate they live together and behave exactly like a married couple.

As I said, for a relationship to succeed two people have to work. The same is true of married relationship. Suppose this relationship begins going downhill because the partners refuse to acknowledge each other's contribution.This can also happen from one side. One partner can try his/her best to work on the relationship but gets no pat on the back from the other. It may be true with the other partner.

As if both are working without being aware of the existence of the other. Why do they live together and why does this situation arise?.When partners make wrong selections, they end up with such problems.

They don't want to come to terms with the fact that the relationship has failed. They continue working together hoping for a miracle to occur. That will never happen. Living together in the hope that situation will improve and will be same as it was earlier is dangerous. It takes time and life away slowly. Better to talk to each other openly about what is happening, and decide either to improve or to separate.

Why does such deterioration take place? The primary reason may be that both partners feel that what they had thought about the other partner is not true. What they saw written on the packaging is not what the product is.

.CDMohatta writes articles on Relationships, love, Divorce, Dating and other related issues of life. Please read articles from Love Articles & Advice , Relationships Articles & Advice and Break-up Articles & Advice.

By: CD Mohatta

Gas Pipeline Safety

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