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Overworked Are Your Overworked Or Are You Unorganized

Being overworked, over stressed and eventually being left burned out can be a problem for many people in the corporate world.Some jobs and companies require staff to work long hours and can be overly stressful by nature. A lack of organizational skills, procrastination and things of that nature can also lead to a feeling of overwork though, too.If you feel you are overworked, consider speaking with people who do your job in different companies or industries to see if they're experiencing the same thing. It could be a function of your job or it could be your company specifically.Honestly look at how you work and try to figure out if you can do things more efficiently.

Ask yourself if you have a problem saying "no" when co-workers ask you to do things for them if you take on more work than you can handle. Engage the help of others if possible especially in team or project settings.Look for ways to improve your organizational skills, too. If you're a procrastinator and tend to always try to put things off to the last minute, this could be a sign that you need help organizing and managing timelines and your workload in general.Get rid of classic time wasters too. You can waste a lot of time socializing and in meetings that run too long or that shouldn't occur in the first place.

When determining what to do about being overworked, there are obviously several options available including looking for a new job or even looking for a new career in a different line of business.Before making any decisions though, it's best to carefully consider your options and fully understand the root of the "problem.".Once you learn more about the source of the problem you should have a better idea as to how to proceed.

.Carl Mueller is an Internet entrepreneur and professional recruiter who has written an ebook for career-minded individuals: http://www.RecruiterSecretsRevealed.


By: Carl Mueller

Gas Pipeline Safety

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