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Online Dating the Ever Growing Desire to Find Love Fact is Online Dating is as Real as It Gets

Ultimately we all need love and practically all of what we so eagerly pursue, has on some level or remote level, to do with seeking love? How can I make such a statement? "Seek and ye shall find?" For the next week or two analyze the reasons for doing that big thing you are always keen to do?. That Friday night out with the girls that you would not miss, that fancy sports car you need to have?. The new shoes you can not do without. Is all of this not really an indication that we want to be out there, we want to look good while we out there and if we are looking good we might just find Love? Let's look a bit at some of our beliefs about love.How many of us believe we have to give up certain parts of who we are, in order to find or hold onto Love?.The opposite is however the real truth about Love.

The highest expression of Love is finding yourself in a place where you can find more of you! A place where you're deeper Self can be expressed?. Your silly playfulness, your job, what you believe in and mostly who you are? We say this daily but do we really understand it? Do we truly hunt the relationships where we can be ourselves? Are you seeking experiences where you can learn more and be more of who you are? I know so many people rather seeking to get to learn more of who their partners are. What their partners believe and how their day jobs affect them. The wise old man on the street corner once said: Love yourself first.You would be surprised at the level of accuracy that old fool spoke with. You can not find love from the outside if you are not love on the inside.

While we like almost every other person learn about love and relationships through trail and error, we write thick books of rules who not to love, who to love and in which ways to love them. Rather then this I would advice writing thick novels about your self! Establish what is right for you and who you are. Relationships need you to come into them with a strong sense of self and a knowing of whom you are and the ones that really succeed would be those where both parties, brought to it a pretty full cup.Online Dating is pretty much the same. It's easy to say online dating does not work or it's bad and we warn others not to attempt it. Does online dating not work or is it your choices that work against you? Bear in mind that I maintain, your search for dates or partners online, is another way to actually search for love.

Many would say, no we just looking for "physical" partners online. Yet again we seek to find love within the physical as well. For many of us the physical is a subconscious trigger that we are being loved. Strange old energy this thing called love, is it not?.

Exactly like seeking any other relationship or seeking love, love online would be a daunting experience if you bring a daunting self to its door. As many of us would advice about the ways to go about finding love, give advice and seminars on relationships, the same applies to relationships and love on the world wide web. Many of us might think well finding love in the physical world does not work for me and I will therefore try finding love in the cyber world?. hello ! It's the same world! Going online as an empty shell is the same as going to a pub as an empty shell.Apply all the deep truths you know and been taught by the gurus right here online as well.

Online dating is as real as it gets. The very same real experiences we seek or choose to get into would happen from this online dating world that some of us believe to be separate from reality. Therefore apply your real Self to this very real experience as well.

.Terence Coleman
Owner of an Online Dating site in South Africa


By: Terence Coleman

Gas Pipeline Safety

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