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Musings of the Pseudo Intellectual

Every one of us has a success story?or so it is said?or rather that's how it's is we'd like to believe. If we take a look around ourselves, everyone seems to have that one special quality that sets them apart from the others. Their own identity in a crowd. The real good ones (relative terminology) have more than one accomplishment to their credit, of which they deserve to boast about, but often, they are modest about it.

Most of the times it's not because they get embarrassed talking about it, but because they do not admit to themselves they are actually capable of the best. It is funny how no one ever expects anything of sheer brilliance to exist inside of them. People like these are an enigma to me. Wonder how they carry on, conquering everything in their quiet unassuming manner.

"Shall I ever be the same?" is a question I find asking myself more often than not. Can't really say. Have never been in a situation where I attained the ultimate best for myself. But then again, ultimate best is just a matter of personal perception?.about the standards you set for yourself. At the same time, standards have to be set keeping in mind your own capabilities and limitations.

The latter we can acknowledge only when we give things we consider worthwhile a fair shot. Wonder why so many?o heck talking about myself. are so afraid to materialize all we think about. What is the hitch that holds us back? The fear of failure? Or is it the fear that I may prove to myself I'm not as good as I think I am? Hollow words are no good unless put into action and practiced. If not, you just end up a whining bell that doesn't stop tinkling long after the hour is up. According to Ayn Rand, as she puts it in 'atlas shrugged', there is no room for contradictions between your thinking and your actions.

If a contradiction exists, you ought to "check your premises" and you'll realize that there are no two divergent ways of looking at a situation in your mind?or rather, if there are? only one is right. It is when we learn to choose that one path, we can say we've attained the maturity and wisdom to be a wholesome wise human being.Trouble brews when our actions and thoughts do not have a synergistic interplay. That is how ordinarily we'd describe 'hypocrisy'. It is not necessary that hypocrisy is confined to belying your principles to cause harm to another.

It can just be a simple lack of co-ordination between the mind and the body's drive to achieve a goal. But yes, coming back to the detrimental aspect of hypocrisy, the kind that I mentioned is nothing but what brings pain to one's own mind?.the kind that makes us lose our sanity(not in the medical sense though!!). so, for complete peace of mind, the best thing to do would be to realize our potentials?set out on a journey of self discovery to see the beautiful world that exists inside of us (I'm hoping mine is beautiful too!).

Unlock your potentials, shed those inhibitions, and devote time to what you love to do?.it releases the pressure. None of it would be time wasted, but rather time spent on knowing your inner self?.who incidentally is your best friend!.


By: Varuna Bhatia

Gas Pipeline Safety

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Musings of the Pseudo Intellectual - Every one of us has a success story?or so it is said?or rather that?s how it?s is we?d like to believe.

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