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Money and Sex

What has sex got to do with a sorting out your finances? Well as you read on you'll see how money is often inextricably linked with sex and how problems in one area can cause problems in the other. And if you don't believe money's linked to sex, just try going home tonight and saying "hello darling, I've just gambled this month's mortgage on a losing horse at Newmarket, do you fancy an early night?" and see what response you get.Sex and money have been linked for almost as long as money has been around.

Many people find money sexy and are attracted to people who have lots of it. Money can represent power and that can also be very sexy and attractive.Money is used to pay for sex (whether you realise it or not) and invariably money is involved in the whole dating process, where ultimately many people are expecting it to result in sex.

Sex is used to sell and advertise and make money and it's sex that's withheld when there are problems with money. Even the language of sex and money is intertwined, with the meanings of "spent" and "saving yourself" taking on a whole different context.It's also often the case that when partners are willing to be dishonest about sex and cheat on each other, they will also tend to be dishonest about money. A lie about either one can be the catalyst for deception in the other. This can cause a spiral of deceit that will often destroy a relationship.

When people become anxious and worried about money and their finances then it can impact their sex lives too. This then becomes another cause of worry and anxiety and can impair people's ability to earn money, manage their finances or discuss money matters with their partners.So what should you do if any of these issues are impacting you?.

Firstly, accept that money can be sexy and fun. Often we associate money and sex in a negative way with prostitution, seedy clubs and internet porn sites. If we see it more in terms of Marilyn Monroe's "Diamonds are a girls best friend", "Cuba Gooding Junior's "Show me the Money" from Jerry Maguire or Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in the original "Thomas Crown Affair" then we can feel much more positive towards it.

Don't have arguments with your partner about money if it's really about sex. Be honest about the real issues and talk it through like adults. And don't use sex as a bargaining chip in discussions about money.

If you're feeling down and depressed about money and it's causing you problems in the bedroom then it's better to focus on solving your financial issues than just spend more money on Viagra tablets.And if your sex life is not all you want it to be, don't try and compensate by overspending and getting your finances in a mess. It's a simple fact that it won't improve your sex life if you're up to your ears in debt.The reason people associate money with power and power with sex is really more about confidence. When people have a lot of money or they feel in control of their money then they tend to feel more confident. Imagine walking into a bar thinking about your latest overdue gas bill and the big outstanding balance on your credit card.

Now imagine walking into a bar knowing you've got £1 million in the bank, a big house and no debts. How different would you feel? How much more confident would you be? And how much sexier would you appear?.And do you know the great thing about that last exercise you did. If you imagined it and felt the way I described then you don't actually need the money.

You just need to use your imagination. Next time you're out just imagine yourself wealthy, get a vivid picture in your head and see how good you feel. You'll exude more confidence and more charisma just through using your mind.

How cool is that?.And if you've read all this and you're saying to yourself, "money can't buy you love" and "this is all far too material" then it's unlikely that money is going to be attracted to you. The thing you want to realise is that it's not about the money, it's about the attitude. We are simply using money as a trigger and a catalyst. You can use whatever you want but for many people, money works.

Be honest and truthful with your partner about money and sex.Seek to separate your finances from the bedroom. It's rare that budgets are proposed as an ideal aphrodisiac unless you're both chartered accountants.Lastly, face up to the real issues and be honest with yourself.

If you indulge in compensating behaviours, like overspending because you're feeling unloved, do yourself a favour and sort out the real issue rather than create a new one.Who would have thought that sorting out your finances could improve your sex life?.

.Andy Warren provides content for http://www.financialdetox.com.

Financial detox (http://www.financialdetox.com) helps you to take control of your finances. Financial Detox provides easy, step by step guidance for your financial literacy. You can become confident and at ease with your money.

Financial Detox gives you the structured support that you need to be in charge.

By: Andy Warren

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