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Look After Your Leather

Even the sexiest bustier, however, can end up looking a little bit fusty if you don't take good care of it. Take a little time to cherish your leather this spring ? it'll provide a fabulous excuse to show off your beloved catsuit or that bombshell patent leather dress! Shining, newly cleaned, and just crying out to be stroked?.Because leather is sooo special, it needs special attention. While there are professional leather cleaners out there, it's understandable if you'd rather not hand your studded thong in to the dry-cleaners along with your business suit. So here's how to look after leather at home.Treat it gently! Leather doesn't like water, or too much heat, or sunlight.

You don't need to wash it, other than to give it a soft wipe down if things get messy.Before you wear leather, apply your anti-perspirant or perfume and allow it to dry - the crotches and creases of your garments can be affected otherwise.Cleaning your leather.Dry cleaning can damage the leather by removing the oils that keep it supple ? you could end up with cracked, dried up old leather.

Not very sexy. In fact, any harsh chemicals can damage the leather, so never use household cleaners or products containing alcohol. (Bear in mind too, that chemicals don't taste so good.) If you're wearing leather next to your intimate places, you'll want to make sure any products you use are as gentle and natural as possible. A washing machine or tumble dryer is an absolute no-no!.

Let's face it, though, if all goes according to plan you're likely to be getting wet when you wear your leathers. If any bodily fluids do get on your g-string try not to throw a tantrum ? wipe gently with a soft, damp cloth and allow it to dry naturally, at room temperature. This goes for all liquid stains. They should be dealt with as quickly as possible ? blotted gently with a clean, dry cloth. If it's seriously stained, you'll have to grit your teeth and look for an open-minded professional to help you out!.

As far as ironing goes ? would anyone really iron their pouch? ? if you really must, use a cool or medium iron and place a wax-free paper (like a grocery bag) over the leather first.The last part of your leather beauty routine should be moisturising ? use a specialized product to keep your leather soft, supple and beautifully shiny. Lotion should be applied with a soft cloth ? once again, be gentle! When you're not wearing it, hang your leatherwear on a wooden hanger (metal can cause nasty creases) in a well-ventilated cupboard. If you treat your leather with love and affection, it should last for a good many sexy outings.For more information about lingerie please have a look at this link: Cheap Trashy Lingerie | Blouses See Thru.

.Iris Emery is a writer for http://www.oasislingerie.com.

She has many intresting topics and ideas for all to read about. Check out more of her articles.

By: Iris Emery

Gas Pipeline Safety

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