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Like it or Not Tropical Storm Ernesto is Coming

It should be readily apparent to all those who follow the Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Seasons that we know we make it down to at least the; E and this year E stands for Ernesto. That is right Tropical Depression and Tropical Storm Ernesto is coming and it very well could make it to Hurricane States on the Saffir-Simpson Scale.Most Tropical Storms never reach Hurricane Status, but a good many do, as we readily saw in the record breaking 2005 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season.

In fact in 2005 it was the longest season, most named storms, most named hurricanes, three of the top five most powerful hurricanes and those are only a few of the records it shattered.Well now as we break into the beginning of the 2006 Tropical Hurricane season following a La Nina year on the Pacific Coast side of our nation, we are pretty sure this means that it will follow the normal pattern and be another above average season. Some say it could not possibly be as big as in 2005, but no one can say that with certainty.In fact some believe it very well could be as big as the 2005 Hurricane Season. Ernesto has come early this year and we are still barely into the season and already on the letter E, and that does not stand for EASY season, some say it could stand for Enormous Season. No matter what the verdict will be on Tropical Storm or Hurricane Ernesto, Mother Nature is just barely getting warmed up and this will indeed be a very long season.

Consider this and prepare your family in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Gas Pipeline Safety

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