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Kids Ruining Schools

A day does not go by when you hear about or read a story of a fight or stabbing in or around a local school. This is certainly true for anyone living in or around a major city. As usual, excuse after excuse is used to cover such ridiculous behavior. "There are not enough good teachers." "Not enough money is spent and the kids are just acting out." We have all heard the routine.

Then there is reality. Increasingly, our society is putting out dumber and dumber kids. You see it in city after city. Be it in D.

C., L.A., New York, etc., our kids in too many cases are just not getting it done.

Certainly, one can look at the incredible amount of single-parent households. To have children and not get married used to carry a tremendous stigma. Now it is not even thought about, particularly in black and hispanic neighborhoods.

Whites are increasingly following in this path, as well. But no father around equals chaos. Study after study has shown a link to bad and even criminal behavior for those kids growing up in single-parent households.Also, don't buy into the lie our kids are doing bad because of lack of money.

Plenty of money has been spent. Places like D.C.

and Newark, New Jersey spend plenty of money per-pupil and simply get disastrous results. New York City is playing the money game as well. Left-wing "advocacy groups" have sued and a judge has ordered the New York State government to fork over billions upon billions to "cover-up" for the failure of kids and their parents( or should I say parent?) If this extortion is actually accomplished you can be sure little results and more taxes along with a fleeing of native-borns will only continue.

Teacher unions love this racket. They will ride the gravy train into the sunset. The horrors of political-correctness are the best friend of a teacher union. But the results will never come as long as the kids are not being blamed for the failure.

For whatever reason, being dumb is cool when you are a kid. Now, that has been taken to a whole new level in American society. Basketball players and rappers have become idols for youth in our cities and increasingly, suburbs. Speaking improper English is seen as "chill." Couple this with single-parent living and you have recipe for disaster.

Hoodlum clothing along with an almost disgusting sexual attitude from the young also leads to a disrespect for education.The young are drilled with cursing, screaming, anti-authority, racism, get-rich-quick ideas, etc. This all spells a total indifference and sometimes outright hostility toward education.Then, politics gets in the way.

Instead of blaming a kid or family for failure, lack of money, cultural differences, teacher indifference, are looked at. Anything but looking in the mirror.Failed policies like racial bussing or "No Child Left Behind" laws promote even more failure due to their inherent fear to look at why a kid would have to flee his local school in the first place. But when cowardice reigns, easy words like "racism" or "money" are used.

It beats actually looking at what our society is producing.In the meantime, Asia slowly rolls on. There are no divisions for why a kid may do poorly.

There are no bi-lingual programs, racial bussing or never-ending excuses why kids do bad. According to a report from manufacturing.net, 90% of our engineers by 2010 will be from Asia. But don't worry, we are still turning out lawyers at about three times the rate of engineers.

Lucky us! You can see where they are going and you can see where we are going.So, next time you hear a school district is doing poorly due to lack of funding, you can be sure politically-correct policies will follow. What to do about it? Move out, send your kid to a private school or vote "no" when a call for increased funding is made. Better yet, how about urging the schools to throw out any disruptive kids for good? I know, all kids have potential.

That may be but the kid may not realize that until he is 50.

.Robert Carberry is a freelance writer from New York.

By: Robert Carberry

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