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Is Success Event or Your Life Outcome

Success gets you away from your past experience.Success is being able to offer people a service that helps them in their day to day activities.Success is to feel self-satisfaction in what you are doing.Today when you see successful people and hear about pioneers, you will surly feel like being one of them.

This triggers the following questions inside you.(You want to try to be successful or you want to be successful?).The secret in success is your income and not your outcome, when you feel you are successful because you help others, its because success is in helping others reach their goals and regardless is they reach it or not.

Did you know why scientists are successful?.1. They know what they want to be, which means they have a scaled map of their life and sure future. They set goals with accurate details.2. They know how to reach their goals, as follow.

A. Self planning.B. Set strategy of their life.

C. They know techniques, methods to reach their dreams.3. They are sure they can reach their goals: If you have the enthusiasm, and you become ice breakthrough, you are free to dream to become what fits you and you community and provide benefits for both of you.My friend, nothing is impossible today when you are the world breakthrough. You just need to start.

.(C) copyright 2006 Mohammed Magdy Ahmed, Certified Practitioner of N.L.P; Neuro Linguistic Programming from American Board of N.


By: Mohammed Magdy

Gas Pipeline Safety

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