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Is New York City Rigging Their Parking Meters

For immediate release."Parking Expert" Erik Feder gets a NYC parking ticket - on purpose!.Is it possible that the City has rigged some kind of system that detects when a motorist has left their car at a meter without paying? Many readers of PARKAZINE ("Parking Expert" Erik Feder's free NYC parking e-newsletter) complain about how fast NYC police and traffic officers write parking tickets - especially at parking meters. These drivers lament the fact that they only left their cars for a minute and BANG! - there was a parking ticket on the windshield.The experiment: The Parking Expert tries it for himself.After getting dozens of emails complaining about this type of thing, Erik figured that either A.

) People were exaggerating and they were really gone a lot longer than a minute or B.) Something funny is going on. With that in mind, he decided to conduct a little experiment. Feder parked at a meter on 2nd Ave in Manhattan, didn't put money in the meter, started his stopwatch and ducked into a pizzeria.

With no police or traffic officers in sight; the "Parking Expert" decided he'd wait up to 10 minutes and leave if he didn't get a ticket.The result: Faster than you can say "Except Sunday".The first minute passed uneventfully.

Suddenly, a police car zoomed up and stopped alongside Erik's car. The officer sat there for a few seconds, hopped out, slapped a ticket on the windshield and sped away. The time on Feder's stopwatch: 93 seconds!.Coincidence? While some may think so, the "Parking Expert" is skeptical. As for the parking ticket, of course he was planning to pay it, but even though the ticket was created with one of those new hand-held computers, the time of issuance, date of offense, parking meter # and parking ticket # are all either missing or illegible. You KNOW that Feder is fighting this one!.

Copyright 2006 Rhythmo Productions.

.As seen/heard on ABC's Eyewitness News, CBS News, The WB-11 Morning News, GoodDay NY (Fox-5), 1010 WINS, WOR Radio and in New York Magazine, Erik Feder is "The Parking Expert" and author of "The Feder Guide to Where to Park Your Car in Manhattan (and Where Not to Park It!)" series. He has done extensive research on the Manhattan parking scene, including driving on every single street in Manhattan and compiling a comprehensive database of the parking regulations on each and every sign. Feder can provide information on various parking-related topics that is perfect for use as a graphic or sidebar.

Erik is available for interview, commentary or quotation.For more information, please contact:
1-877-412-PARK (877-412-7275)
1-516-633-1114 (Erik's cell phone)

By: Erik Feder

Gas Pipeline Safety

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