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Inspecting Containers At Foreign Ports and In Route

Recently there has been some comments in the media about the issues with port security and container loads. A large mega-ton weapon does not have to reach port to be a dangerous situation, as it only needs to get close. One recent political blogger stated in a question; "Can containers aboard the freighter's be inspected on the voyage over here?".This is a good question and many are and the Dubai deal helps us inspect more and get our security checkers over in other ports around the World. World being the operative world in the Company's name; Dubai "WORLD." The political blogger goes on to ask; "That would also increase security.

" Indeed and that is part of the plan you see.We want to know what is in every shipment everywhere in the world with a world tracking system and code just like Lockheed's Air Traffic Control System by satellite, but someone has to assist us in paying for it Dubai World is that someone, with the investment money and they have been assisting in buying new containers, state of the art stuff, which is fully trackable, but it takes years to change out that many containers, think about it the enormity of the situation.Dubai World can offer us a helping hand in our port security initiatives and offer new monies and upgrades that the previous company they bought out was not interested in making. This is not a linear subject and it should not be treated as such, neither is it an us versus them scenario, as really we are all on the same team and the flow of shipments both too and from are paramount to our civilization.

So, consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Gas Pipeline Safety

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