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How One Feels Crazy In Love

Passionate love creates many feelings. In passionate love, lovers are even ready to give away their life. Passionate love neither recognizes logic nor it follows any norms. You must have read stories that told how a poor boy fell in love with a princess and ultimately won her over. Love that reaches heights of passion is beyond any advice.
No one can communicate with such lovers because their mind is closed to any talk of separation.

What kind of love is that? How a sensible person begins behaving strangely. Can such love be compared with addictions? A person before any addiction is sensible, logical and, follows norms and acts normal. After getting addicted a drug, people rob; commit theft and what ever else they need to do to get the drug. Without the drug they cannot live.

The withdrawal symptoms are equally uncontrollable and have to be managed under medical supervision.

To try and persuade a drug addict to leave the drug is a difficult task that has to be accomplished over period of time. It is not as simple as asking - please stop using this drug, and he/she will comply. It requires real effort, persuasion and therapy to achieve that. Is love that has reached passionate heights comparable?

It looks as if the effects are same, the longing is same and the separation is equally painful.

Being crazy in love means total dependence on the beloved. No moment goes without his/her thought and every attempt will be made to win him/her over. If for any reason, the beloved cannot be won, the consequences can be equally bad unless helped with therapy.

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By: CD Mohatta

Gas Pipeline Safety

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