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Ghosts and the Supernatural

The unseen and unfelt powers of ghosts and supernatural objects have been talked about for ages. The perplexity of their existence has been doubted for ages, and the people seemed to believe the folklore that has been told by their ancestors.Ghosts are believed to be the spirit or soul of a dead person on earth. Supernatural, on the other hand, refers to forces and phenomena which are beyond ordinary scientific understanding.

Both are closely related to concepts in religion, spirituality and metaphysics. The term supernatural is often used as a substitute for paranormal, and some of typical supernatural experiences are sightings of angels, healings and communications with the dead.Both ghosts and supernatural objects are usually experienced or observed by people who cannot describe record or study such incidents. It is also believed that the paranormal behavior of ghosts or spirits is the integration of social structure and generalized state of harmony in the "other" world. The harmless and destroying character of ghosts can be determined as per their deeds on the earth.

Ghosts who are violent by nature have the intention of hurting people; these spirits may have been violent in their human form. Some of the spirits have unfinished work in the world; they seek the help of mankind to get through the realm. Vampires and witches are considered the most harmful.The supernatural forces of these spirits have been known to be psychic or impersonal. This may be the reason why movies presenting ghosts and the supernatural have survived in a competitive field of cinema. Movies like Psycho or The Exorcist remind people of the powers beyond their reach.

The existence of ghosts and supernatural beings is a subject of debate. Some accept them as reality, but many skeptics like the scientific community do not believe in paranormal forces.

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By: Jennifer Bailey

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