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French Leader Jacque Chirac Says if Iran Strikes France will Reply with Nukes

Well it looks like the French are talking tough on the issues with Iran and their Atomic Bomb and nuclear warhead manufacturing efforts. That is a 180 switch from their stance on Iraq isn't it?.Yes no kidding I was surprised to see it.

Although Chirac did mention that they would retaliate with nukes if attacked last month too and yesterday the Ambassador to France in the United States went on Television and stated the same policy.So, apparently when they do not have their hand in the cookie jar (oil-for-food) they play the game a little different I see? Now we all know why they started that media hit on the USA, prior to the Iraq War. They had money owed to them and gifts and oil too. It was about money, they could care less about Iraq.

Remember they set up Iraq's nuclear generators that the Israelis took out, remember that? Well, I better just be quiet the liberals hate facts. They are too busy with guerilla warfare style primate politics and calling all in opposition to them "unfit to lead" France on the other hand is purely Machiavellian side switchers, so you always need to check the wind, check their odor and never let them fart upwind.Apparently France is a nation like Israel, which will do whatever is in its best political interests and/or the safety and well being of its civilization and nation.

Interesting the difference between their stance on Iraq and Iran isn't it? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Gas Pipeline Safety

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