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Female Judge Sympathizes With Convicted Child Sex Abuser

A Nebraska judge suspended the sentence of Richard W. Thomson who was convicted of sexually assaulting a child. District Judge Kristine Cecava suspended the sentence of this animal because she said he was too short to survive in jail (http://www.local6.

com/news/9272444/detail.html). The animal is 5 foot 1.I have one question for you. Was Thomson too short to sexually assault a child? Of course not. I don't think he's too short to do it again.

This guy is a predator.What's even more dangerous in my opinion is that Judge Cecava seems to have a love affair with people who sexually assault children. This woman is a menace to society.This judge must be removed from the bench immediately. I don't understand how any sane person could suspend a sentence of a person who's committed one of the worst crimes possible.I also say, "who cares" if this animal couldn't survive in jail.

Why should we care? Did he care that he was going to ruin the life of an innocent child?.Hey Judge Cecava, wasn't the child too small to survive being sexually assaulted? Why don't you have sympathy for the sexually assaulted child?.Not only is Kristine Cecava a judge but she's a woman. Obviously she doesn't have any sympathy for victims who have been sexually assaulted.I hope that the good people of Nebraska know that they have two monsters living among them. The first is the dangerous sexual abuser, Richard W.

Thomson and the other is his future accomplice Judge Kristine Cecava who suspended his sentence.If Thomson sexually assaults another child as can be expected, then Kristin Cecava is to blame and should be held civilly accountable for her dangerous actions.I believe she would be an accomplice to the crime.I also believe that Cecava is an evil and horrible human being that shouldn't be aloud to remain on the bench.How many more lives will this awful human being ruin? How many more criminals will she release? Maybe she'll release a murderer because he's got a pimple.Of all the horrible things that I've heard of, Judge Kristine Cecava is at the top of the list.

I can't believe that she lives in the same country that I do.This woman is pure evil. She is the lowest form of human life possible.

.Anthony B.

is the founder and owner of http://www.ItsTheRightWay.com a news, political and sports commentary website.Anthony has over 7 years of experience as a business professional.

By: Anthony Bloch

Gas Pipeline Safety

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