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Does the Easter Bunny Show Your Hubby the Love

I was talking with some girlfriends and the topic of Easter came up. I asked, "What do you put in your Husband's Easter Basket?".The response I got was surprising to me. It's funny how our own traditions make us assume others are like we are.

It seemed I was in the minority when it came to Easter baskets for the adults.Now, obviously there is no right or wrong in Easter Bunny Land, however, I will share with you some ideas in case you'd like to surprise your Husband this year with a basket of treats.Here are some of the Easter Bunny's favorite things to treat husbands with.1. Football or baseball cards. This is one of my Husband's interests, but mostly because he likes to share them with our son.

However, I think he enjoys it just as much as our son does. He enjoys getting any kinds of sports trading cards and files them away to look at later. He hopes to pass them down to our son when he gets a family of his own.

2. A gift certificate to his favorite restaurant (not your favorite restaurant). If he loves going to the noisy, greasy place with the football games on TV, then get him a date to go there. That's a better choice than the sushi place that that he can't stand.3. It's the season for baseball! Get him some tickets to see a professional game, or season tickets to college baseball games.

Just think of his favorite team, and go from there.4. Summer fun ideas. Are his rollerblades beat up? Has his basketball seen better days? Does he need a new running pack to keep his keys and wallet in? The Easter Bunny could get him a gift certificate to his favorite sports store.5.

Time to break out the grill. If your husband loves to grill as much as mine does, then the Easter Bunny could bring him grill tools, meat seasonings, a new basket or even a cool manly apron.On Easter morning, after the kids have found their baskets. (The Easter Bunny hides ours, does he hide yours?), look at Hubby and say "You didn't look for yours yet.

" Watch the kids' excitement as they run around with your Husband to find his goodies. And watch the surprise on his face when he sees what you've done for him. He'll love you for it.

.Nicole Dean is a writer for http://www.RomanceYourHusband.com - a website dedicated to helping married couples stay friends and to help them remember why they married each other in the first place. Our motto is: If he's sweet, rub his feet.

By: Nicole Dean

Gas Pipeline Safety

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