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Dealing With A Difficult Man Divastyle

Now I know that you've been wondering when.And I bet you've been thinking why.But I betcha you never thought that I would drop you a line.You see I want to tell you just what you mean to me.I am very observant and you are too.but you cant see what I see.

I see many characteristics, some I love and some I hate.Yes it's a strong word, it may hurt but let's not debate.It's constructive criticism and no one takes that lightly.

It's the way I see it and you may see it differently.Your'e being too hard on self, your'e playing it too safe.Your daily escape has become a habit.You ignore issues as if they never happened.Yes, I understand that youve got to put it in Gods hands.But you must also make a way for self to receive ultimate spiritual wealth.

We're all broken vessels that need to be repaired and no one likes it when their dirty laundry is aired.It may be an inconvenience for me to tell you about yourself but give some thought to your emotional, physical, and spiritual health.You're cracking, breaking making yourself sick and this is all going in one ear and out the other or not making any sense.You know what though it's kinda funny because I speak as if I'm perfect.

I know that's not the case and that I may have no room to talk but if you don't like what I'm saying then you can walk!.The above poem I wrote in 2002 for a difficult man I was with. I thought it would be appropriate to preclude this article.Like most women, I do nothing without first consulting my friend-- intuition. Especially when it comes to relationships.

My ability to see potential or failure within a mate is on point and I am not even 30 yet! Now, I am not talking psychic abilities or fortune telling. I have two mottos I live by in life and those are "Actions speak louder than words" & "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". These are powerful words that serve a place in life, especially when it comes to relationships.What makes it so easy for me is that I am ultra observant to a man's reactions to my reactions.

Yes, reactions to reactions. For every action there is a reaction but in some cases, for every reaction there is a reaction. In the beginning of a relationship, it's all about the getting to know you stage. This is the most important stage of a relationship. It sets the tone for the endurance of his stay.

Observe his actions, listen closely to his conversation and pay attention to behavior that is unacceptable or behavior that later on down the line you'll start to find unacceptable. Then you check it on the spot, creatively! Given the situation, tactfully warn him that you are not having it. This is what I mean by reaction to reaction.

You see, unacceptable behavior in a man is based on the standards you have. What you are looking for in a mate. If he has the potential to live up to your standards then you have room for negotiation. Negotiation not settling. Hold him to what he promises you and if he backslides then you do the same, with tact.

His actions have to speak louder than his words and you do unto him as he does unto you! If all else fails cut him loose!.

.I am no expert on relationships. I am a mother of four sons with experience in relationships.

I have had my share of the good, the bad and the ugly. For ten years I have used my life experiences as inspiration for my poetry/spoken word. My ultimate goal is to enlighten, inspire and entertain through my works to become an innovator within the writing industry.To address further interests I can be reached at my email address: williams2754@sbcglobal.


By: Sharla Williams

Gas Pipeline Safety

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