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Dating and Finding Out Something about Yourself As Well

When people are dating or looking for people to date, they often concentrate on finding a perfect match. They may make lists, either written or mental of the qualities and characteristics that they feel are most important. Dating has often been called a "game" because each person is trying to figure out what the other person wants out of the relationship. If you want to get past the dating games and into a relationship based on honesty and mutual respect, it is important that you spend time getting to know yourself and what your strengths, weaknesses, wants, and needs are so that you can be the type of person that someone else would like to date.

Physical appearance is what initially attracts one person to another-and although it should not be the foundation for a dating relationship, it is important. We don't all look like Julia Roberts or Brad Pitt, but we can try to keep physically fit, and find clothing that suits our personality as well as our physique. You have heard for dressing for success in business?the same principle applies to dating success.Is your personality attractive as well? What do friends and family say about your personality? When dating, the way that you conduct yourself and interact with others will be the thing that keeps a potential partner interested after the initial physical attraction tones down. If you have some negative personality traits, now is the time to work on getting rid of them. You will not be able to change the personality of a dating partner, but you can change yourself.

Another important note: If you have heard that "opposites attract" this may be true, but it is not usually a good basis for a long term relationship. The more you are like a partner; the more likely the relationship will last.The last suggestion is to concentrate on others.

As you help and serve others, whether you are in a relationship with them or not you will not only learn more about yourself, but you will become a better and more grounded person. When you are happy with yourself you will be more likely to be happy, satisfied and attractive to others. You will also find that the people you meet as you help and serve will often share the same values and ideals that you do increasing your circle of possibilities.

.Eriani Doyle writes articles about Self-Improvement. For more information about http://www,uodating.com/ dating.

By: Eriani Doyel

Gas Pipeline Safety

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