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Cosmic Partnership

Have you ever been happy and felt proud for some wonderful thing that happened that you predicted and helped to bring about? Did you ever have anyone dampen your experience by saying, "You didn't do it, God did."?.When that happened to me, I felt terrible. Last June my friends were concerned about their washed-away road.

The entrance to their property had to be repaired in order for them to offer winter workshops at their non-profit center. I reassured them that donations would supply the needed funds.One Sunday morning in October, a contractor to whom my friends had previously talked, unexpectedly knocked on their door. He explained that he happened to be in the neighborhood and thought he would stop by to give an estimate, and to offer them the option of fixing the road Monday or in a few months.

Miraculously, the much needed donation appeared that evening. The next day the crew "paved the way" to the center. The crackling sound of my tires rubbing against the gravel was music to my ears. I was especially excited because I had been instrumental in connecting the generous donor with my friends.A few weeks later, I was telling a male friend of mine, "I'm more powerful than I had realized. I predicted that the road would be repaired with donations in time for the winter months, and it was.

" My bubble burst when my friend replied, "You didn't do it. God did." However, I recovered as I thought about it and said, "God alone couldn't do it. It took my friends who own the center, me, the donor, and the contractor with his crew to complete the project. We were all important pieces to the puzzle.

".It became very clear to me that God needed us as much as we needed God. Working together as a team, we can accomplish great things on this earth plane. For example, I believe that God wants me to write this article so that you can receive this message?the message being how important you are in the design of things. In order for God to reach you, he needs my body to sit in front of the computer, my mind to put this article into literary form, and my emotions to get excited about doing it.

Together, we make a great team.Where does the issue of humility fit into all of this? I still do feel humble because I know that my creative ideas come ultimately from God.Ironically, that night I received a phone call from another friend who was reaching out to me for emotional support.

As I shared this new concept with her, she also felt relieved. In the past she had been taught that she was nothing and that God was everything. That negative, limited thinking caused her to feel unworthy and unimportant.

Quite the contrary, I believe that we are worthy and very important. We are co-creators of our lives. We are truly in partnership with the all loving, all knowing Divine energy in whatever form that takes for you.So stand tall and proud and take credit for your contributions on this planet.

And also know that God is always there to work with you and through you. What a divine experience?A Cosmic Partnership.

.Helene Rothschild, MS, MA, MFT, is a Marriage, Family Therapist, intuitive counselor, spiritual teacher, author, speaker, and workshop facilitator. To empower people, she developed a unique process, HART: Holistic And Rapid Transformation.

She offers phone sessions, teleclasses, self-help and inspirational books, e-books, tapes, cards, posters and independent studies. http://www.helenerothschild.com.

By: Helene Rothschild

Gas Pipeline Safety

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