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Chinese Dust Storms Will Cause Global Cooling and Ice Age

If the Chinese dust storms continue they may cause more global changes in our climate. In fact they could cause global cooling in that part of the world and change the weather patterns around the globe. This could mean we could eventually get global cooling and it will be the fault of China for being unable to control their dust storms.China needs to control their dust storms to prevent climate change and global cooling which will freeze the earth and end up killing off billions of humans due to lack of food.Many people are worried about global warming and that it is heating our planet in a major climate change cycle.

But global warming can cause global cooling and a quick change could cause the pendulum to swing too far and many people will freeze to death. Over the last 50 years some climatologists say that climate changes have increased two degrees Fahrenheit, which many say is insignificant, but if that increases to double or triple then it could be a very big deal.Chinese dust storms as they get bigger and bigger could block out the sun and not allow sunlight or heat.

Will Chinese Dust Storms Cause Global Cooling and Ice Age? That depends on how big the dust storms are and how long they last and the frequency. Some say it is impossible, some unlikely, but a few are concerned and have made mention of it, so I thought you should know, as one is a NASA scientist. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Gas Pipeline Safety

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