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China Taiwan Palestine Iran Russia and Israel

Oh what a mess indeed, lots in the news to talk about as the many nations line up and pick teams for a human WW III, as history repeats itself one more time. As entire civilization prepare for war and ruin.China is causing a diversion by selling missiles to Iran and buying weapons from Israel and the Russians are setting up Hamas with aid in the form of Missiles pointed at Israel, nuclear weapons being developed by Iran as they fund international terrorist organizations and promise to missile swarm Israel?.

Meanwhile China is re-uniting Taiwan, so much for the Domino Affect all over again. Wonder why history keeps repeating like this? Do you ever wonder? Russia is selling high-tech weapons to China. The US is selling weapons to India, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Australian and India.

The French and Germans have promised to retaliate if Iran hits a civilian target or ally and the US is already fighting an Iranian insurgency into Iraq and telling the Iranians fanatical regime, no nuclear weapons, which Iran says it needs to defend its self as a deterrent even though it has already promised to blow Israel off the map. Now then is everyone else just blind or can you read the writing on the wall? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Gas Pipeline Safety

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