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Cambodias Image from the New Eyes

Cambodia's current employment issue is one of the most heated political socialization, since it is the matter of everyone's daily needs. Because of such the drawback, almost everyone's concern is "employment." Let's me just define the term employment from my personal perspectives.

Employment does not only mean that one is hired with pay by individual or legal entity, but it must have more criteria. The pay made by the employer must meet the daily need of those employed; moreover, respect from employer and dignity of the employed must also be guaranteed.One of the things that have shocked me is that there are countries in South-East Asia and other parts of the world, are advertising for home servants, construction workers and other blue-collar workers from Cambodia. I do not oppose to the ideas of seeking employments and I do not discriminate manual workers, but at least I don't want to see those advertisements on the periodicals; this I think, reveals our low-esteem.

Such the advertisements, for me, have turned other people around the world to see underestimated image of Cambodia and her people.Cambodia is now viewed differently from the past, not like what I have quoted from HENRI MOUHOT:."If you interrogate the Cambodians as to the founders of Ongcor-Wat, you invariably received one of these four replies: "It is the work of the Pra-Eun, the king of angle;" "It is the work of the giants;" "It was built by the leprous king;" or else, "It made itself." (p.

279).For the purpose of this scope of article, I don't mean to show the ways to better our images, but I want you the readers and our government to think about my expression and strive for approaches to better our current images to the world. I know this is a really hard vocation, and so willingness and cooperation is the must for the trigger.

.Lay Vicheka is the expert author for enzinearticles.com and author in the field of humanity for other websites around the world and the local newspaper.

Contact: 855 11 268 445, vichekalay@yahoo.com.

By: Vicheka Lay

Gas Pipeline Safety

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