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The Wisdom of Uncertainty - There is really only one certainty in life.

Sex and Sects - Christians have historically believed they were not to indulge in sexual intercourse for fear of giving in to the evils of the flesh.

China Worst Nightmare for GM Ford - Worst nightmare for General Motors Corp.

Managing Stress Its Not JUST How You Look at It - We?ve all heard it said, ?It?s not the situation, it?s how you deal with the situation that determines your stress.

Economy of Indonesia - Indonesia has a market-based economy where a significant role is played by the government.

Sunkist Soul - By the time we flip the calendar to March, we are all pretty much ready for the greatest season nature has to offer; spring.

Exile on Main Street Honoring Women in the Time of Alone - So many of us are dealing with the time of alone, coping with the mystery of what happened to the dreams we visualized as children and young women.

Celebrity Social Gossip and Scandal is Everywhere - Gossip and scandal are everywhere when it comes to stars and celebrities around the world.

Online Dating the Ever Growing Desire to Find Love Fact is Online Dating is as Real as It Gets - Ultimately we all need love and practically all of what we so eagerly pursue, has on some level or remote level, to do with seeking love? How can I make such a statement? ?Seek and ye shall find?? For the next week or two analyze the reasons for.

Is FEMA Ready for Hurricane Season - The ocean surface temperatures are seeing out in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Caribbean and along the United States Eastern Seaboard.

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