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Money and Sex - What has sex got to do with a sorting out your finances? Well as you read on you?ll see how money is often inextricably linked with sex and how problems in one area can cause problems in the other.

Loneliness As A Key Factor In Dating Scams - In the course of my interactions while researching the romance scams, a 45 year old grandmother, told me of her dating troubles and how she was scammed of well over $3000.

Social Security Bullshit A Socratic Discussion with a Texas Cowboy at McDonalds - 1.

Do We Rush Our Young Couples - As far back as when I was in high school I noticed a funny thing going on.

Fantasy Fills an Inner Need - The more "civilized" our culture becomes on the surface - and the more sophisticated and complex our technology grows - the greater the extent to which fantasy's imagery and themes permeate our literature, films, music and visual arts.

Tips for Arranging A Great Date - After you hear the word ?yes?, all of your work is not done yet.

Epic Fantasy Its Really About The Meaning Of Life - Since the beginning of time mankind has made up epic fantasy stories in the form of myths to reflect his role in the universe.

An Affair to Remember - A love affair is a wondrous thing unless one is presently married.

Using the Fleeting Touch to Increase Attraction - The American culture is by comparison to international standards a ?no-touch? society.

Premature Ejaculation Learn How To Cure It Now - PE or premature ejaculation is a problem with a large segment of sexually active males.

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