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OPEC Calling NonOPECs to Boost Production Too - The President of the United States of America has proclaimed that America is Addicted to Middle Eastern Oil and has set forth initiatives for technology advances to cure this addiction.

Men Date Your Wives - I have been married long enough to learn a few things.

LCD Televisions Technology uncovered - LCD is one of the biggest technologies in television at the moment, set to go head-to-head against plasma screens for the future of TVs.

Being Perfect vs Being Successful - Have you ever been in a job interview where you were asked what your weaknesses were?.

Scrutinizing the Pessimistic Mind - The sort of mind inside a Pessimist?s head is somewhat different from that of other people?s point of view.

The International Terrorists and the Nation States that Sponsor Them Believe They Can Win - It is truly amazing that the International Terrorists believe they can beat the United States Military and defeat our great nation.

The Aim of Thinking - One thinker that has consistently caught my attention throughout my years of study is Jose Ortega y Gasset who wrote a very influential work entitled the Revolt of the Masses.

Winning Attitude in Business - We always point out that an attitude of a certain individual can determine her success in any business.

Trust Yourself - Who can you trust these days, have you ever considered that? Well you should have someone very close to you that you can trust and that somebody is yourself.

The Training of the Navy Seals - Navy Seals Training is some of the most difficult and challenging training endured by individuals.

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