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An Open Letter to the Blue Planet with Hints of Green from Allah God the Father Jesus and Buddah

"Good morning Allah, May Salutations Be Upon You, God the Father here. I thought it was time that I and my son Jesus here, gave you a call about conditions and attitudes there on the Blue Planet with a Hint of Green.".

"GTF, Oh most excellent to hear from you. For sure, all day long I hear myself being praised, as does yourself no doubt, but I also am well aware of my children's terrible behavior. So good to hear from you, although you know we are one and the same I trust."."Oh yes of course, this is a bit like talking to myself.

We both know that, but it seems our friends on the Blue Planet with a Hint of Green do not."."Yes we both know it's time to speak up, even though we are One, for which I have always been eternally, no pun intended, grateful! I have taken the liberty to set up a conference call and Jesus is on the line as well."."Oh most excellent! Good morning Jesus, so nice to talk again. I so enjoyed our last time together where we reaffirmed our oneness.

Actually I have taken the liberty as well to put all our good friend, Sidharta Gautama the Buddah on the line as well. If anyone understands our Oneness, it is the Buddah."."Greetings Sidharta! Thank you so much for joining us, GTF and Jesus here.

We agree it is time to write the Blue Planet and since we are now all non-local in our abilities to communicate with time and space meaning nothing, Praise be Allah, Glory to God, Jesus be Praised and Buddah be in You, let us begin."."Ooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm".Dearest Residents of the One Blue Planet with Hints of Green.

What on earth is going on with you people? Here we four sit all day, as you mark time, we don't, and listen to you calling on us, praising us, asking us for things claiming to represent us to others and spending a fortune sending yourselves all over the planet in our name, and look at the mess you have caused each other. We are not pleased and it's time you all sat down and thought your emotions, perspectives and actions towards each other over big time.We are ONE and it's about time for you to realize that you are ONE as well and each individual is a segment of the ONE, all attached and equal. As one of your own noted well, however,."Anyone who engages in the practice of psychotherapy confronts every day the devastation wrought by the teachings of religion.".

Nathaniel Branden.We came to you with Spirituality to bring you to the ONE and you turned it into a religion, a business and in many instances, a torture and killing machine. We are so sorry that as a spirit, stuck with a mere five basic and limited senses, trapped in a carbon based wet suit of our design, you are missing the point of your lives.

For even as the part of the ONE sent to bring you light said,."There are no lengths to which some people will not go to avoid the real labor of thinking.".Thomas A. Edison and we find this all too true.

It is time to THINK and remember who you ALL really are. You are all ONE.You make so much of your different colors, textures and tones as if somehow that makes you different from the One. All we have to say to that is MELANIN, and the process of moving out of your Africa to the northern lands on your journey as spirits over what you experience as time. Color is nothing. Do you understand? NOTHING.

Mere chemistry to equip you for survival on different parts of the Great Blue Planet with Hints of Green. Yet you have made it something to divide you and to judge the worth of yourselves by. We would all laugh if it was not such a pathetic outlook and you need to think again the part your limited minds play in your own misery.

For even as one of your own and brilliant parts of the One said,."If intelligent life exists, or ever existed, elsewhere in the universe, it could not resemble us in appearance, for we have been shaped by a contingent series of evolutionary events so rich in their number, and so unrepeatable in their intricacy, that the same sequence could never occur again in the same way - - not even on this planet.".Stephen J. Gould and he was correct.Time would fail us, even though it can't as we are Eternal, to tell you the damage your religious views and divisions has done to the One that now you must remember you are or perish.

We have decided that the next time we inhabit a planet as wonderful as yours we will not communicate in writing or with books. Individual parts of the one, confined to carbon based wet suits are too adept at editing, falsifying, misquoting, misunderstanding and hiding the information we thought the written word of the One might bring to the planet. You use books we did not write to justify the murder,persecution and marginalization of those who do not like the books you promote and you forbid and even burn the ones we really did inspire in the hope it would free from your illusions. Perhaps next time we will simply show up face to face.

However, we see how many of you think and suspect you would doubt us, rail against us and kill us too if you could, which you can't.ha ha. How true one of your own has noted,.""Whoever will take the trouble to read attentively, will find in all those passages where the OT is cited, only an obvious abuse of words, and the seal of falsehood on almost every page." -- Voltaire.

and again, ""Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived." -- Isaac Asimov.The part of the One you knew as Robert Ingersoll still brings a chuckle to our Oneness when he noted that most wonder " What shall we think of a God who gave his entire time for forty years to the work of converting three millions of people, and succeeded in getting only two men, and not a single woman, decent enough to enter the promised land? Was there ever in the history of man so detestable an administration of public affairs?" That soul said what most were only thinking and he sends his greetings along with this letter.Please do not blame us for bringing this to your attention. Your habit of shooting the messenger is a source of much ignorance on your beautiful Blue Planet with Hints of Green.

Some of you, in positions of authority, that place where men rise to and forget the One big time it seems has said,.""How it may be Lawful and Fitting to use Falsehood as a Medicine, and for the Benefit of those who Want to be Deceived." Jerome."We shall introduce into this history in general only those events which may be useful first to ourselves and afterwards to posterity." ( Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History, Vol.

8, chapter 2).and who can forget, ""Do you see the advantage of deceit? .For great is the value of deceit, provided it be not introduced with a mischievous intention. In fact action of this kind ought not to be called deceit, but rather a kind of good management, cleverness and skill, capable of finding out ways where resources fail, and making up for the defects of the mind .And often it is necessary to deceive, and to do the greatest benefits by means of this device, whereas he who has gone by a straight course has done great mischief to the person whom he has not deceived.

" ( John Chrysostom, Treatise On The Priesthood, Book 1).We are not happy with these defective parts of the One and all we can say is sometimes it's good to see behind the scenes of those that lead to know why their truth does not work and actually makes living on your planet a chore and not the joy it must now become as you wake up. If you wake up.So, to the point.The four of us, it was only in the third century we learned from defective authorities on the planet we were a trinity.

ha ha, want you to wake up and think for a change at what you are doing to yourselves, your equals and your spirits. We ask the following.1. To all of you who kill, maim, threaten, disperse, marginalize and in a myriad of other evil ways ruin the one life given to all of others among you.STOP IT NOW.

You are not more special than them and in fact you and them are the same! Jesus says the answer to the question "Just Who Would Jesus Bomb" that some brave souls among you put on your vehicles is "NOBODY!" Let that sink in.NOBODY! No Bodies! Get it? The Allah part of the One wishes to remind you all that He is oft called "the Merciful, the Compassionate, the Forgiving" and wants that never to be overridden again with excuses not to practice it. The God the Father part of the One wishes to remind you that He is never was nor ever could be as you portray in what Christians and Jews call the Old Testament.

You made that all up about Him and wishes you to admit it. The Buddah part of the One simply wishes to remind you all that "We are the same as plants, as trees, as other people, as the rain that falls. We consist of that which is around us, we are the same as everything. If we destroy something around us, we destroy ourselves. If we cheat another, we cheat ourselves." Understanding this truth, the Buddha and his disciples never killed any animal, so how does that jibe with what you all are doing down there? Kinda embarrassing isn't it?.

2. To all of you who make your living and live excessively at the expense of others, STOP IT. We know you won't, so might have to take it away from you to teach you a lesson but we're afraid you'll just revert to the abuses of request number 1 to get back what you want from others. We have programed your carbon based wet suit to self destruct in a relatively short amount of time so sooner or later you will understand the expediency of getting a head start on not being such a resource sucking fool. STOP IT.

3. To all of you who rule. We really didn't put you there as some say. You got there by hook and by crook and in ways that most suspect are less than honest. We hold you most accountable and in time will have along talk with you about how you govern.

Frankly, most of you are selfish jerks whose narcissistic tendencies have risen to the top of the heap and the rest of the planet is paying for it. We're growing weary of your coups, lies, duplicity and abuse of office so think about it before it's too late. The spirits of Marcos, Chauchescu, Idi Amin, Hitler, Stalin and way way too many others, including some really ill intentioned and egotistical Presidents should remind you that nothing lasts except the memories. Sorry to say it but power corrupts.

and absolute pow.oh you know it well.4. To all of you who claim religious authority over others. Wait a minute, we're all four here just trying to control ourselves at the moment.Allah just left the room to get a breath and Jesus is hyperventilating a bit too.

To all of you who claim religious authority over others, the vast majority of you are wrong in what and who we are (we are One) and wish for humans to be and do. You got a great ego trip going there, but most of you don't speak well for us and we are going to ask you to STOP, though you won't as you all think we are talking about someone else. If you won't stop, then at least take some time to get a better education in what you claim to be an expert in. Go to a school that teaches you many perspectives and promotes open minded thinking.

Those denominational schools will simply stick a funnel in your head and preload your brain with a very limited view of the One. Time will expose your foolishness, but we just thought we'd ask you to think about it. Because of you, one of your better Presidents noted,."I do not find in Christianity one redeeming feature.".Thomas Jefferson.

and another."The Bible is not my book, nor Christianity my religion." Abraham Lincoln.

These were noble souls who knew what we now remind you of, you're religion is not the same as our spirituality. Unless you find the difference and, if you are going to teach it, teach it in truth, you're days are numbered and your ignorance will be exposed because real truth in such matters has a way of bubbling up no matter how hard you try to keep the lid on it.Well, that's it for now. We might just have to have a few more talks like this, though Satan, who just stopped in to say hi tells us we're kidding ourselves if we think you'll listen to any of this.

We dont kid around but he might be right. We don't call him the Light Bringer for nothing as sometimes he gets it right too.You have a really nice planet there of Blue with Hints of Green. It is one of the best that has ever evolved for spirits temporarily locked in their carbon based wet suits with a limited five senses to go to school on. Believe us, there are others that are not so nice, but the students seem to learn faster.

Maybe you have it too good there. That can change if you don't wake up and perhaps, while not the what we wish for you, you're understanding will accelerate and you can be truly free.Warmest Regards.Allah, God the Father, Jesus the Son and Gautama.

with assorted greetings from Gandi, Mother Teresa, Abraham, Martin and John.but not, well let's not judge quite yet.


By: Dennis Diehl

Gas Pipeline Safety

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