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Academic Camouflage of Reality

Why does academia work so hard to deny reality, hide it and then purport a Utopian Dream Land which can only be had by working hard, living in reality, getting off their butts and building it? What I am saying is everyone wants to live in the ultimate Utopian Society, but it currently does not exist and someone has to build it you know. But who will build it?.Well the only person or group who even stands a chance is an Entrepreneurial Capitalist and they will most likely totally disagree on the means and methodology of Academia and academia liberals will fight them tooth and nail to see that the Entrepreneurial Capitalists do not get their way.

So this is a classical political impasse which means Utopia will never be built due to the obstructionists of liberal academia, which claim to be the champions of this perfect world you see?.Of course their concept of championing a cause is to sit around and discuss it, philosophize about it and educate others of why it should be. Of course shoulda, woulda and coulda never built anything from what I can see when I travel this great civilization.In fact if you look around in this great nation at all we are and all that we have build it is fairly obvious that academia hasn't built any of it really. They just like to sit around and talk about it and preach like Evangelistic Television Characters about the camouflaged reality that they envision, but refuse to allow anyone to build you see? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

Gas Pipeline Safety

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