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A Fact Behind PhD Degree

"High education", a jargon that may distinguish us; spiritually and materially, from a huge numbers of people, whom are thought to be living in the very spiritually primitive parts of the world.Everyday, we see that the ideas from those with Ph.D degrees seem to carry profound influence on the world's phenomenon. So why are their words carry more power? No one states that what thoughts from those with Ph.

D degree are right, but it is us, the people with no distinguished level on the social stages, who think that. Philosophers have thought that "the idea from an innocent boy would somehow thought as "genuinely good" than those with Ph.D dgrees.However, unconditionally, I do appreciate those with such the qualifications, since it is the landmark of their protracted endeavors.

So do you really want to earn a Ph.D degree? If yes, so that is Ph.D? The sole and honest scope of this article is to reveal one truth behind Ph.

D degree to the world in general.Our diverse world is constituted of too many tissues that make us hard to walk from which from which. Those from Ph.D degrees are trained to see, as I assume, more evil existences in this world.The world is full of opportunity and more apparently, "the evils.

" If a person is categorized into "doctoral species", he or she was trained to see huge negative aspects of the world that need to be demolished or rectified: the way to make our world a better place. What I am talking about here is already spoken too many times already from different people from different social aspects, but it is here just "to reiterate the truth.".Ph.

D degree just means "to make the world a better place." Think about this phrase to make it truly melt into your heart, before you decide to enroll into the degree. Ph.D, from its natural sense, is not mean to make huge profit like many have thought.

Aggregating the genuine information, regardless of how good or bad, discriminate or neutral, silly or intellectual, and revel it to the world.However, most Ph.D graduates have turned the natural meanings up-side-down. The next spiritual module for you the readers, is to think about those with Ph.D that turn the down its natural meaning.


Lay Vicheka is a translator for the most celebrated translation agency in the Kingdom of Cambodia, Pyramid. He is working as freelance writer for Search Newspaper, focusing on social issues and students' issues. Lay Vicheka has great experience in law and politics, as he used to be legal and English-language assistant to a member of parliament, migration experience (home-based business) and experience in writing. You are stronly advised to contact him for any doubts or wonder about Cambodian politics and even the world's phenomenon.

Posting address: 221H Street 93, Tuol Sangke quarter, Russey Keo district, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Tel: 855 11 268 445, vichekalay@yahoo.com.

By: Vicheka Lay

Gas Pipeline Safety

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